Complete List of Arjun Rampal Tattoos 2017

Arjun Rampal the sizzling Most attractive personality of bollywood ,having tattoos on his both forearms.The suave actor has the name of his two daughters on each of his forearms.
The star has his daughters name inked on either sides of his arms. The right arms states Mahikaa and the left, Myra.
arjun rampal tattoos

What does it mean?: It means that his children are his strength and that he will try to do the best with his life for them.
Arjun Rampal Used Temporary tattoo ink for his movie Ra-One .In which he was playing a role for a villian.this are the temporary tattoos of arjun that takes a lot of tym every time when they vanished.

arjun rampal

arjun rampal

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