Complete List of Bani Tattoos 2017

M tV VJ bani .she is very cute and despperate personality .Bani, shot into the limelight when she participated in MTV’s reality show Roadies .People know you from Roadies Season 4.she is the winner of season 4 of ROADIES.
bani ‘s real name is Gurbani Judge a.k.a Bani and she is born on 29th November, the hospital of chandigarh,she become famous when she introducing by Roadies season 4 .she is very positive personality .iin actuality she wants to become a designer artist wants to take coaching from New Zealand ,and then she tried for ROADIES season 4.and she wins by her positive attitude and clever nature.
Bani having many tattoos on her both hands.her both hands are fiiled with tattoos.she having a star tattoos asa well on her upper back.
here is the tattoos of bani ..

Mtv VJ Bani

bani tattoos

Thruth  tattoo design on left  hand and RISE wriiten on wrist

mtv vj bani tattoos

A Red Rose Tattoo design with a bird  on right hand 

bani tattoos

Red Rose with A Bird

bani tattoos

SHINE written on Left Wrist

mtv vj bani


Big Karma tattoo design on hand

mtv vj bani tattoos

A STAR tattoo design on her upper back

mtv vj bani tattoos

She is having stories related about to her tattoos ,for a big karma ,she tattooid it when she was in thialand.her mom follows Buddhism and she believes in the concept of karma. She believes that whatever we have done in our past life will come back to us in this life.

Bani said about her tattoos : We do all her daily work with our hands. It is the most used body part, right? So, whenever I reach out to do something, I want these tattoos to catch my eyes and remind me to do every task with a good intention. It is a way of telling myself – ‘be a good human being’,” the VJ says.

Whatever be the body art, each tattoo that flaunts is close to her heart. “I have never regretted having done any of my tattoos. I like them all. Each one is special to me. I think a tattoo can go wrong only when the tattoo artiste is stoned!”

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