How Tattoo Machines Work? (2017)

It is very necessery to understand the working of a tattoo machines ,that how a tattoo machines works ,
when it works to applying a tattoo on the body ,how needles of the machines pinch into the skin and how the
armature works during a tattoo to understand the movement of machines coils .

simply working of Tattoo machine

A tattoo machine working  basically is same as a doorbell. Tattoo Machine working depends on the electromagnetic force . Tattoo machine having two coils connected with each other .The Machines ‘s power
comes from the coils.Electric energy produces alternates between positive and negative charges by means
of a capacitor. When this magnetic field is activated, the armature bar start moves up and down,
which creates a full circuit around the the help of this effect needles start to move
constantly up and down at a quick speed.The coils are placed at the bootom of the frame, and above
that is a back binding post where the armature bar and the front and back spring are also mounted.

tattoo machine working

Tattoo machines function works depends on electromagnetism.There are two coils ,These coils are
magnetised by the electric current running through them, which magnetically attracts the armature  
to them ,it will push the needles , which disconnects the electricity to the coils, their magnetic
feilds collapse and the armature spring pulls the armature back into contact with the contact screw . which recharges the coils, this process repeats again and again with the help of magnetic field ,this
is  very  fast lyies between 60 and 150 cycles per second.

when you pass  electricy through a conductor  its create a magnetic field,

we can produce  magnetic field ,When   we  have a COIL of wire,an electric current pass into it,
it  flow magnetic lines of force  emerge and “cut through” the coils of wire , by the help of this
we can  produces a voltage spike on the  conductor of the coil . This principle is called “self 
induction”, as it is a self induced voltage spike. If there are two coils together  and one is
connected or disconnected to power, the magnetic lines of force from that one will also   produce a
voltage spike in the ADJACENT COIL, a principle called “mutual induction”.

tattoo machine working

In this way, it filters out spikes in the voltage that would otherwise create opposing
magnetic fields and dull out your machines’ performance. Thus the capacitor will make your
armature bar drop and bounce back without hesitation due to opposing magnetic fields, which will
result in your
machine “snapping” or hitting quickly and hard.

how tattoo works

this is the working of tattoo machine and this diagram you can figure out that needles pinch into
the skin with influable ink and this ink fill inside the skin tone of the body with needles with
a very high speed rate of pinching by tattoo machine .a tattoo machine can pinch in between  
60 to 150 cycle per second .

In a tattoo machine if  your capacitor is too big, your machine will get real loud and ragged sound,
which it may do with a smaller capacitor already -that’s okay .as long as it is tuned  correctly . How Tattoo Machines works,working of tattoo machines,tattoo machine working,custom tattoo machine working ,how tattoo machine working

We can make a tattoo gun at home with some simple equipments. there are some tools used to make a tattoo gun .

home made tattoo machine tools
1) scissors/knife
2) screwdriver
3) pliers

home made tattoo gun tools

1) Sticky tape
2) The ink tube from the pen
3) A pen
4) Piece of wire
5) Piece of bent metal
6) Ball pump
7) Screw
8) Needle
9) Button
10) Glue
11) Electric motor

procedure to make a tattoo machine at home.

Step One: Attaching the Coils.

Step Two: Shimming The Coils

Step Three: Attaching the Contact Post

Step Four: Tensioning The Springs

Step Five: Adjusting The Armature Bar

Step Six: Adjusting The Contact Screw

home made tattoo machine

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