Complete List of Lady Gaga Tattoos 2017

Lady gaga the famous pop singer lady .her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta .she is born on born March 28, 1986..Lady Gaga is one of the top Pop Culture icons of this decade.Lady Gaga has furthered this character she’s created with funky hairstyles, makeup, costumes and even tattoos.

Lady Gaga having many tattoos on her sexy bod y .In Lady Gaga Tattoos including tattoos on her wrist, her shoulder, back and her inner arm,including a peace sign, a unicorn, and a treble clef.

Lady Gaga Tattoos

1) A small G clef on her lower middle back

lady gaga tattoos

lady gaga trebl

Gaga had this inked for her passion for music

2) The Peace Sign Tattoo

lady gaga peace symbol tattoo

lady gaga got a tattoo of a peace sign in that show one of her biggest inspirations, John Lennon, and the love and peace exhibited in her songs

3) Roses on her left side

lady gaga rose tattoo

This tattoo blends in to the treble clef, was inspired by Gaga’s love for roses,

4) Daisies on her left shoulder

lady gaga daises tattoos

3 daisies, the first one on her shoulder, and was inspired by her love for daisies.

5)The Rilke Tattoo

lady gaga rilke tattoo

lady gaga rilke tattoo

Written in German, is a quote from “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke, Gaga’s favorite philosopher, along with the death-date of Gaga’s aunt, Joanne, 12/18/1974, whom Gaga thinks she is a reincarnation of.


6) The Tokyo Love Tattoo

lady gaga tokyo love tattoo

That was to celebrate the Haus’s collaboration with legendary Japanese photographer Araki.

7) The Dad Tattoo

lady gaga dad love tatoos

When Gaga said she was getting a heart tat with the word ‘Dad’ inside for her father, to persuade him to get a much-needed heart surgery, Daddy Gaga said,”Well you’re running out of real estate, so get it small.”

8.) “Little Monsters” next to the Rainer quote

lady gaga little monster tattoo

on right side of POEM FOR A POET AND JOANNE tattoo

9) The Born This Way Unicorn Tattoo

lady gaga unicorn tattoo

lady gaga unicorn tattoo

A unicorn with a ribbon wrapped around its horn stating the title of her third album “BORN THIS WAY”.

10) ARTPOP  written on right hand

lady gaga tattoos

may be this is the title of her upcoming album coming in 2013.

11)Lady Gaga Latest tattoo

lady gaga latest tattoo

The small black  & white anchor is inked on her left side .The meaning behind the new tatoo is said to be symbolic of her relationship with Taylor Kinney.


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