Complete List of Lil Wayne Tattoos 2017

lil wayne
lil wayne

Lil’ Wayne, is an American rapper. Formerly a member of the rap group the Hot Boys, he joined the Cash Money Records collective as a teenager.

Lil Wayne has covered up all his body part with tattoos,he having a lots of tattoos on his body .Lil Wayne is a famous rap artist known as “Weezy Baby”.he is the rappers,

the most discussed and analyzed tattoos are those of Lil Wayne’s are as follows . This great rapper already has numerous tattoos not just on his body but also on his face.

Lil wayne tattoos

That number of tattoos  is hard to put an exact count on. This is because ,he is constantly adding to his body collage, both with new tattoos being inked and with the changing or covering up of older ones with new designs.

Lil Wayne Tattoos designs with meanings

Here’s an overview of Lil Wayne’s tattoo designs. I made a selection because there are too many to list here completely.

1. Soo Woo tattoo on under his left ear..

Lil Wayne tattoos

Soo Woo‘: inked under his left ear in honor of his bloods. He has “Soo Woo” which issomething the bloods say and the Young Money logo which is his record label that he owns.


2.I Am Music’..

Lil Wayne Tattoos                            

The words ‘I Am Music’ above his right eye.

Lil wayne tattoos

Face with “Fear God” on his eyelids and a “C” in between his eyes

which is the first letter of his last name and the first letter of his  m

mothers name, Cita. It could also be “of” which would make

“Fear of god.”

4.  ‘Weezy’ 
Lil wayne tattoos

He has the neck tattoos ‘Weezy’

and‘W’ which are his own nickname.

5.’Baby’ and ‘Slim’       ..

Lil wayne tattoos

the  words ‘Baby’ and ‘Slim’ on the respective shoulders.

These are the names of   the   people who got him into the rap industry.


6  .   ‘Fear of God.. 

Lil wayne tattoos

 ‘Fear of God’ is a cross tattoo on his eyelids.

The famous 3 dots mean ‘Laugh, Think and Cry’.

7.stars and wings..

Lil wayne tattoos

He has stars and wingson each of his ribs.

8.’Life’s A Gamble’..

Lil wayne tattoos


  ‘Life’s A Gamble’ is written upon his chest’s left hand side.

8.’Lucky Me’..

Lil WayneTattoos

   ‘Lucky Me’under the left ear with a flower.

9.’Nae Nae’ ..

Lil wayne tattoos

Forearm tattoo and he has “Nae Nae” on

each forearm to represent his  daughter.

The name ‘Nae Nae’ which is the nickname

of his daughter Reginae is inked on each

of his forearms..

10. ‘ESPN’  on arm..

Lil Wayne Tattoos

ESPN on arm.
The logo of ‘ESPN’ is on the backside

of his left arm. ESPN stands for Entertainment

a nd Sports Programming Network, an American

cable company that airs sport-related programs

24 hours a day.

11.Steel and concrete..                                                                                                 


Lil Wayne Tattoos


    On his left hand‘Steel’,


   his right hand ‘Concrete’.


12.’A Gun’ and ‘The World’..                           

Lil Wayne Tattoos

‘A Gun’
 and ‘The World’ is written on his palms.

13.M.O.B on chest..

Face and top of chest – The “MOB” either means

“Money over Bitches”   or “Member of Bloods”.

14.’Trigger’ ..

Lil Wayne tattoos

 ‘ Trigger’ is written upon an index

finger and on his left wrist is a

     marijuana leaf.

# Ultraviolet Tattoos..

Lil Wayne tattoos

The word‘Misunderstood’ is one of his UV tattoos


Lil Wayne Tattoos

He also has 2 rows of interwoven stars using ultraviolet.

17.Lil Wayne Chest and Arms tattoos..

Lil Wayne Tattoos

Human Skull

  • “Bang Bang” in the middle of his chest
  • Cash Money across the belly
  • “MOB” “Damu” “Piru” all related to the Bloods gang
  • BABY, SLIM, and “BM JR” as a tribute to Baby and Slim.
  • Rolls Royce logo with “Thug” going across it
  • A Bud Leaf
  • An alien looking figure on his left arm
  • The Number “17” On his belly which stands for the 17th ward of New Orleans which is where wayne grew up
  • Also has angel wings on his sides
  • “Lauren” for His baby mother Lauren London.
18.Lil  Wayne  Neck  Tattoos..
Lil Wayne Tattoos
  • “W Weezy” on the right side
  • A pistol
  • “Young Money” logo
  • “You Blessed” In the middle of his neck.

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