Top 10 Best Nose Piercings Ideas and Styles 2017

Nose piercing is an attractive due to nose is the face ‘s most prominent is said that nose is the main part to characterised the person .

Firstly Nose Piercing done in the moddle east near four thousands years ago.there is a story beahind nose piercing ,it is said that Genesis in Bible ,Abraham requested his servent to find a wife for his son issac,servant found Rebekah ,and gifted with ” a golden ring “named Shanf,which real meaning is Nose Ring .
sonakhi sinha nose piercing

History of nose Piercing :wearing a nose ring is a tradition in most indian religion.The nose piercing done just before the girl to come puberty or get married.It is believed that the piercing the left nostril makes childbirth easier as that pressure point is connected with a woman’s reproductive organs.

nose piercing
Nose piercing has several types like nostril piercing, septum piercing, bridge piercing etc. During the Nose piercing, Pain and the healing period will be different.

nose piercing

Nose piercing was in India at 16th Century from the Middle East by the Mughul emperors. In India a stud or a ring can say Nath in hindi is usually wore in the left nostril of lady., It is sometimes joined to the ear by a chain, and in some places both nostrils are pierced as seen in this image below .,:
nose piercing

It is usually gold with beads or jewels on it and has a chain that connects it to a place in her hair, right above her ear.Nowadays nose piercing is gradually becoming more socially acceptable, and many celebrities have their nose pierced i.e. sonakshi sinha ,rani,Kareena,Miley Cyrus,Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Sinead O’Connor, and Slash from Guns & Roses.
miley cyrus

Nose piercing now becoming a fashion trend that new season for wearing nose rings.this is can say a another teen fashion trend that college going students easily take its as much economically and more trendy that anyone can also can change your style and looks.

NOse Piercing actress
nose piercing actress

Before enjoying your fresh nose piercing, ther is some tips for better nose piercing you have to follow some care tips.

  • Get a salty solution or cleaning solution and clean the nose piercing 2 – 3 times daily for recover early.
  • If you notice any nose piercing is swollen and it’s oozing yellow or green substances visit doctor immediately.
  • The fresh nose piercing will swell up a little bit, don’t worry, it is normal. The swelling is going to disappear within few days and the pain will sink as well.
  • Never touch the fresh nose piercing with dirty hands. Wash hands every time when you had to touch the nose piercing.
  • For Nose piercing cleaning can use simple cotton buds. Just wipe the excess moisture off using a new dry cotton wool bud.
  • Don’t try to put in a new nose ring before the piercing has healed well.
  • And if you’ve just got a septum piercing, you can’t really get your make-up inside of the nose! But for other types of nose piercing – nostril piercing and bridge piercing – please keep in mind not to apply make-up to the area.

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