Complete List of Rihanna Tattoos 2017

Rihanna is successful in her musical career as a world class well-known pop princess which claimed No 1 in Billboard for her debut single “Umbrella”. However, Rihanna is not only passionate about music but also a very huge fans of tattoos as well. Rihanna admitted that she addicted to tattoos and always hang out at tattoos shop.

rihanna tattoos
Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna having Total 13 ink tattoos on her body and allocated on different place, like the fingers, hip, shoulder, leg and “inside” ears.Each of Rihanna’s tattoos represent different meanings of life and depending on when it came it.Keep in reading and set out each tattoo is Rihanna and meaning of art.

1. Rihanna ankel Tattoos: Falcon Tattoo on Rihanna ‘s Ankle

rihanna new leg tattoos

This new tattoo of rihanna  meanings that according to her is:

“Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep,” Rihanna tweeted

rihanna new falcon tattoos
Rihanna Falcon Tattoo

2.Star Tattoo Of Rihanna : A Star Tattoo on Her Left Ear

Rihanna star Tattoos
Rihanna star Tattoo one ear

One of the unique tattoos Of Rihanna has a star tattoo on her ear. Yes! you read that right, is ‘in’ the left ear. Such is the uniqueness of Rihanna’s tattoos. Not many celebrities try to tattoo inside the ear, it correctly the first time I knew

3.Rihanna Pisces Sign Tattoo : Pisces Sign Tattoo Behind Right Ear

rihanna neck Tattoo
Rihanna Neck Behind tattoo

Rihanna is a sign of Pisces (small star symbols) tattooed on her right ear.Star sign tattoos are very popular among men and a woman, and it seems Rihanna wants to express their creative and expressive character through her tattoo. Not easily identifiable as is Rihanna all covered by her long black hair.

4. Sanskrit Prayer On Her Hip 

The first four words are as follows: Forgiveness, Truth, repression, Calmness.The rest is covered by cloth and therefore is not visible. These are encouraging language that can provide support and spiritual strength of Rihanna.

rihanna tattoo
rihanna sanskrit prayer tattoo

5. Love Word Tattoo Of Rihanna : Word ‘love’ On Her Left Middle Finger.

rihanna tattoo
rihanna love tattoo

In 2008, she put a finger tattoo. ‘Love’ The word was tattooed on the middle finger. The power source of the tattoo is normal with a little added effect it.Well Italic is not easily observed by others in the field and tattoos on her body.

6. Rihanna Ribcage Tattoos : Arabic Phrase On Her Ribcage Area, Meaning ‘Freedom Is God’..

rihanna tattoos
rihanna tattoos
rihanna tattoos
rihanna rib tattoo

This tattoo is placed on the left side of Rihanna’s ribcage. As you all know that most tattoos Rihanna placed in a location that is not easy to explain to the public as the middle finger of the hip, and rib cage.Rihanna has this tattoo on his ribcage and emphasizes the waist . Rihanna really think deeply before making a place for her tattoos.

7.Rihanna Star Tattoos : A Trail of Stars Going Down Her Back.

Star is single and distributed in a “S” on his neck to back.The trace of the star tattooed on the back of your neck is one of the sexiest tattoos rated in the network. It is performed in multiple sessions. The beauty of the stars tour – not all tattoos are completely shaded. Some are fully impregnated and some are just outlines. Also the sizes of stars are different.

8. The Date ‘4.11.1986 On Top Of Her Left Shoulder ..

rihanna tattoos
rihanna shoulder tattoo

The date in roman numerals on her shoulder XI-IV-LXXXVI (11-04-86) which means the date is April 11, 86 NOT November 4, 86. This has a very special and important meaning to Rihanna. It’s her best friend and assistant, Melissa Forde’s birthday!! Nope, it’s not Rihanna’s (February 20, 1988) or Chris Brown’s (May 5, 1989) birthday!!!

This makes us question her motives – why would you have the birth date of your best friend in your body with such a visible and large tattoo!!?!?!On the other hand Rihanna is always accompanied by Melissa .

9.Rihanns’s Henna Tattoo : Henna-Style Dragon Claw, Complete With Hawaiian Hibiscus Flowers..

rihanna tattoos
rihanna hand tattoo

The tattoo was initially intended to be a guitar, but gradually generated dragon claw style henna. Nobody really knows what to think about while Rihanna is tattoo ink. This tattoo is a symbol of the relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna, and Chris also have the same type of tattoos like this.

10.Rihanna Handgun Tattoo : A Handgun Tattoo on Rihanna Side Ribcage .

Probably the most controversial tattoo had wanted a smaller gun right in the rib area. Actually she wanted on her shoulders, but was dissuaded from doing so. Ie may be safety and courage.

11.rebelle fleurher

her new tattoo is   just got “rebelle fleur,” in French tattooed on her neck, but she put the adjective before the noun which made it “flower rebel.”

rihanna new tattoos
rihanna new tattoo

12.Goddess Isis Tattoo

rihanna new chest tattoo
rihanna chest tattoo

Rihanna added yet another tattoo to her ever expanding body art collection. This time, she picked a rather large tattoo design featuring Egyptian goddess Isis, placed on her chest, under her bosoms.

this  goddess Isis tattoo of rihanna tells that , “Goddess Isis- Complete Woman – Model for future generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart  1love.”

13.Rihanna’s New Chest Tattoo: Never A Failure, Always A Lesson

rihanna new chest tattoos
rihanna tattoo

rihanna tattoos

‘Never a failure, always a lesson,’ but written backwards.”she told about her new tattoo that ‘It’s kind of my motto in life for everything.’ Instead of considering things to be mistakes, considering them lessons.”. rihanna,rihanna new tattoos,rihanna tattoos,tattoos,rihanna tattoos with meaning,all rihanna tattoos,

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