Complete List of Ritesh Deshmukh Tattoos 2017

Riteish Deshmukh is the comedy face of the boolywood .Ritesh having tattoos on his body that seen in his recently movie KYA SUPER KOOL HAI HUM .There is a story behind these tattoos of ritesh .it is said that these are the temporary tattoos that only for the movie ,IN which ritesh was playing the role of a cool DJ .He having tattoos on left forearm ,stars on chest ,and a bracelet type tattoo on his right hand .His left forearm reads ‘Born Indian’, Riteish settles for a religious verse on the left one. His apearance at various events and confidently showing off his rugged tattoo look everywhere.He revealed, “One tattoo is Born Indian on right hand and the other is Mahalaxmi Mantra on left.
Ritesh Deshmukh Left Hand Tattoo-Mahalaxmi Mantra
deshmukh ritesh left hand tattoo
Right hand Tattoo Of Ritesh Deshmukh
ritesh deshmukh right hand tattoo
Deshmukh Ritesh
ritesh deshmukh tatoos
Ritesh Deshmukh Hand Tattoo
ritesh deshmukh
Star Tattoo Of Ritesh Deshmukh onChest
ritesh deshmukh star tatttoos on chest
Deshmukh Ritesh
ritesh deshmukh mahalakshmi mantra on left hand
Ritesh Deshmukh Tattoo
ritesh deshmukh tattoos
Tattoo Of Ritesh Deshmukh
ritesh deshmukh tattoos
Deshmukh Ritesh
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