Complete List of Sanjay Dutt Tattoos 2017

Bollywood Celebrity SAnjay Dutt ,..,Better Known by his name ,.Munna Bhai .Sanjay dutt having mostly tattoos more than other celebrity .he is having 6 or 7 tattoos on his body ,.He is having tattoos on his chest ,his hands ,on his both shoulder ,

sanjay dutt

Tattoo detail of Sanjay dutt ,.:

Sanjay Dutt left shoulder on upper arm: ther is a Om Namah Shivaya – a complimentary close to Lord Shiva, written in Sanskrit.

sanjay dutt left shoulder tattoo

Sanajy Dutt right shoulder on upper arm: There is a dragon breathing fire, representinga symbol for luck. 

sanjay dutt right arm tattoo

SAnajy Dutt right arm Tattoo: Ther is two samurai soldiers one below the other, one in black and white, the other colourful, with Japanese flowers falling over them; these soldiers are a symbol for Sanjay’s hard fights in his life which never broke him down.

sanjay dutt right hand tattoo 

Sanjay Dutt left shoulder blade: a Tibetan shloka

sanjay dutt left hand tattoo

right shoulder blade: There is a shiv ling  which is  Himalaya mountain and symbol for Lord Shiva.

sanjay dutt

Sanajy Dutt left forearm: There is a snake and “Dilnashin“, his wife Maanayata‘s real name.

samjay dutt left shoulder tattoo

Sanjay Dutt right forearm: a lion and the words “Simba Rules“.

sanjay dutt right hand lion tattoo

Sanajy Dutt chesthis parents’ names  Nargis in Urdu and Sunil Dutt in Devanagari

sanjay dutt chest tattoo

His neck: a Tibetan Om, his birth sign Leo and a red-inked tattoo of the numerical one ,

sanjay dutt neck tattoo

which stands for the Sun God and is a lucky number for Sanjay. sanjay dutt tattoo,sanjay dutt,sanjay dutt tattoos and meaning,,

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