Complete List of Sushmita Sen Tattoos 2017

Sushmita Sen got new tattoo on her Forearm.she got tattood in Latin written “Aut Viam inveniam aut faciam” which means “I’ll either find a way or make one.”
sushmita sen was the 1st indian who become miss universe in 1994.
she tattod her wrist “I AM”.All the employees of her firm having this tattos on their wrist which is not temprorary.Famous Bollywood Celebrity Sushmita Sen got her second daughter’s name Alicia on her arm. She is Having Four Tattoos .Each and every tattoo of her has a hidden message. She’s is having a huge piece on her back. And a Tattoo runs all across her forearms in Latin words that says, ‘I’ll either find the way or make one’.

Sushmita sen Forearm Tattoo Quote

sushmita sen left hand tattoo

Sushmita sen Forearm Tattoo Quote

sushmita sen hand tattoo


Sushmita sen Left Hand Wrist Tattoo

sushmita sen wrist tattoo

Sushmita Sen IAM  Tattoo Told ABout Sushmita That  the first Indian to become Miss Universe in 1994, SHe Is the Face of  brand ‘I am She’, which organises an annual national pageant.

Sushmita Sen Is The  heads of the I AM Foundation, which was created with the sole intention of spreading unconditional blessings amongst those who need them.

Sushmita Sen Right Hand Wrist Tattoo

sushmita sen right hand tattoo


soli deo glory‘ on her Right wrist that meaning ‘Glory to God alone’ in Latin

Sushmita Sen’s cub tattoo  At Back 

sushmita sen back tattoo

Sushmita Sen Back Tattoo Design

sushmita sen back tattoo

This is Back Tattoo of Sush Is telling when she was in spain one year,Its looking like a cub tattoo. sushmita sen,sushmita sen saree,sushmita sen pictures,pictures of sushmita sen,bollywood celebrities tattoos,tattoo,,sushmita sen having four tattoos on her body, Sushmita Sen Tattoos 2017

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